Japan / 144 min / Fantasy / Romance / Mandarin / 2012
Hiroshi Okuhara "Timeless Melody"

Li Rui "A Cherry on a Pomegranate Tree" "The Sword Identity"
Tomoko Okuhara

Hideo Nakaizumi "Who's Camus, Anyway?" "United Red Army"
Dan Hong
Chen Xixu
Miki Suzuki

Official Competition
Tokyo International Film Festival 2012 (Japan)

Official Selection
Imagine Film Festival 2013 (Netherlands)
Taipei Film Festival 2013 (Taiwan)

A love story that transcends reality, illusion, time and space...

The story takes place in an artists' village in the outskirts of Beijing. Zhao-Ping, a struggling artist, finds a strange square object hovering above in the sky. The strange object leads him to a man who lost his memory. Zhao-Ping has the feeling he has met this man sometime in the past but cannot place him. Zhao-Ping’s sister, Lihua has the same feeling about him. Going in and out of the uncertain past memories and the world of illusion together, the man and Lihua become attracted to each other. Hand in hand, the two are walking the streets of hutong in Beijing when they encounter a Japanese soldier...

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